Steffani had a smile makeover that included teeth alignment and ZOOM! Teeth Whitening. She is extremely happy with the result and recommends Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne to anyone looking for top-quality dental care.

Teeth Whitening Charlotte NC

I’ve been going to Dr. Harrell since 2008. I had braces a couple of years before I moved here and I just needed to have my smile fixed. I guess my jaw wasn’t straight, and he did some aligning of my teeth. They did a procedure in the office when I came in, then I was able to take trays home to use a couple weeks after.

I enjoy the staff a lot. You know, starting from Janice when you come in. I like that they know your name when you come in. The ZOOM! Whitening for correcting any dental needs. I have recommended my friends to Dr. Harrell.

Every time I come to Dr. Harrell I feel special. Like I say, it starts from when you first walk in the door and, you know, somebody knowing your name. You go to other doctors’ offices and other dentists’ offices and you’re just another patient. I like that you can come in, they know your name, they’re very pleasant. They make you feel good from start to finish.