The professionalism of the Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne staff makes Rev. Glen’s dental visits easier than he thought they could be.

Rev. Glen Recommends Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne

Adult Dentistry has a wonderful staff, professional. Always very kind, uplifting. They always ask, “Is there anything that you needed? Is there any soreness? Any pain anywhere? Let us know we can take care of that.” And, it’s just unbelievable. To me, it’s like not even coming to the dentist because of the staff being so great, professional and understanding in trying to help in every aspect of the problem that you might have been having.

I could call at anytime. If the teeth were loose, they’ll say well you come on in and we’ll readjust them. And they took time — made dental X-rays to be sure everything was okay. I just can’t say enough about the staff and the professionalism of how they carried out their assigned duties in the dental office here. I would be glad to recommend him to anyone because of the work that he does, the comprehensive study that he does, the pictures he makes. He takes time to explain everything, shows them on the screen. We need to do this, we need to do that. I can recommend this, recommend that. Then he leaves it up to the patient’s discretion whether they want to go that route or not.

Most certainly I have recommended him already. Matter of fact, just this past week I recommended him to one of our friends and she said I’m gonna call him this afternoon. I would certainly recommend him to anyone — especially for the older, the senior people. Dr. Robert Harrell can take it and make it great. And not have the problems so many senior adults have as far as doing the minimal work and then having problems on out in the future. He can take care of that right off the bat. Then they wouldn’t have any problems.

Everyone here seems to be just in great spirits all the time. I mentioned to him not too long ago, “I’m sure glad that you’re a dentist. We need dentists.” And he said, “Oh, I enjoy it.” And I don’t want to be in a dentist’s office if the dentist doesn’t enjoy doing this work.