Paige received new porcelain dental veneers to restore her smile just before her wedding. She couldn’t be happier with the beautiful result.

Dental Veneers Restore a Beautiful Smile – Charlotte

When I was probably 13 I had an injury from soccer and I had impact to my face and that caused my tooth to die. And so, it started changing color over time. Not everybody could tell that my tooth was turning yellow, but I could tell that it was turning yellow. And my mom definitely could. And we both kinda said, you know, I’ve got to get it fixed.

And I actually am a teacher and one day we were at a field trip and one of my students who probably stands this tall said, “Miss G, one of your teeth are yellow.” And he’s little so he doesn’t know. And then ever since then I was like, okay, I’ve got to go get it fixed. So, I think three days later I called and got an appointment. And I came in to Dr. Harrell and he looked at it. And I was very concerned because I had a wedding coming up in a week, and he said don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.

And my first visit he did the consult and he did temporaries for me so I had them for the wedding. And then shortly after I got my permanents. I would definitely recommend Dr. Harrell. I have actually told one of my friends who wanted to get veneers to come here and have a consult with him. So, I think she’s gonna do that in the future.