Luba turned to Dr. Robert Harrell after another dentist botched her smile. She works in a job that brings her into constant contact with the public. She receives compliments for her stunning smile almost every day, with some people even asking if she is a movie star. Luba says she wishes she had seen Dr. Harrell years ago.

Dr. Harrell fixes another dentist’s mistakes – Luba’s Story

I wasn’t pleased with the previous work done by different dentists, and I was very embarrassed of my teeth because it wasn’t really good and my smile wasn’t good. I was asking a lot of people, like close family, friends, who can give me their good dentist that they went to, and everybody would tell me different stuff.

So, I went online and I looked for the best dentist in town, and I read the reviews. That’s how I found Dr. Harrell. I read a lot of reviews from the people. They were very satisfied and they would recommend him to anybody. It’s very great; he just changed my life.

I just feel very confident now a lot more because I got a really good job in marketing and I have to meet a lot of people. I just love my smile, and people everywhere, they just give me compliments, like tons, tons. Like, “Are you a photo model? Are you a movie star?” I’m like, “No,” but I am just very glad and very thankful that he changed my life.

I am very pleased. Everything is just great. I wish I could do this like, a long time ago in the first place before I went to anybody.