Dental Scaling Root Planing Fillings & Cleanings Charlotte NC

Properly caring for Mike’s teeth required multiple services including dental planing, deep cleaning, tooth-colored fillings and more. He didn’t like visiting the dentist before coming to Adult Dentistry, but now he actually looks forward to his appointments.

Dental Scaling Root Planing Fillings & Cleanings Charlotte NC

I tried to find a dentist with really good reviews, that a lot of people enjoy. Some place adult-friendly. I had the scaling, root planing and deep cleaning done and several cavities filled.

The experience here has been really wonderful. The staff has been really kind, very calming. They keep you at ease. They really cater to your needs. The treatment here has been enjoyable. The work they’ve done so far has been very good to me. The healing process has been very nice.

I was never a big fan of the dentist to begin with, but I do…I actually enjoy coming here now. I’ve been back several times since.

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