Mark is happy to learn that all of the work required to install a dental implant can be handled at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne in one appointment.

Charlotte NC Dental Implants – Mark’s Story

I did get an implant with Dr. Harrell about three years ago. During that process he referred me to a surgeon who did the tooth extraction and the implant. And he worked very closely with Dr. Harrell during that process. And then I finished up that process with Dr. Harrell, and getting the crown put on after the appropriate healing time from the implant. And it turned out great. I was very pleased with that process.

I need another implant and I figured I would be going through the same process by using an outside surgeon. But Dr. Harrell explained to me that the advanced technology that is now available and the very precise methods that they use allow him to do that here. And he very thoroughly explained how this process could be done, both the extraction and the implant using a very precise guide, here and in one session, one appointment which is a good thing.

I’m very confident that I can have that done without going to see another outside surgeon. I’m looking forward to getting that done in one appointment. And he also told me that it would really only take a few minutes. During my previous implant with the surgeon, I was actually put under. Dr. Harrell told me that I really don’t have to be for this process because it can be done in a short period of time. But that decision could be up to me.

I have recommended Adult Dentistry and Dr. Harrell specifically to others. I’ve been asked once or twice for recommendations and I highly recommended Dr. Harrell.