Christine says her new cosmetic dentures have changed her life. She describes the process as simple and pain-free.

New Dentures Changed Her Life – Christine’s’ Story

I recently had dentures made. The process was fine. Dr. Harrell made it not painful, which was a miracle. It healed really well. I didn’t have any problems. The staff is incredible. I mean, they’re like best friends. They’re just really really nice. I can’t say a single bad thing about them.

I grinded my teeth down to pretty much nothing. Actually to where the nerve endings were sticking out. I was in pain — severe pain. And I finally asked for help and we found him. No more pain.

Life is incredible now as far as my mouth is concerned. I always get compliments on my teeth and I don’t feel like I have to cover my mouth with my hands when I talk or smile anymore. The difference is night and day. I recommend Dr. Harrell to everybody. He’s incredible.