Rev. Glen has undergone a bone grafting procedure that will allow him to receive dental implants. The implants will support and stabilize his dentures to better replace his missing teeth.

Bone Grafting To Help Support Implants – Rev. Glen’s Story

I had to have bone grafting because back in the early ’80s I had to have root canals and put a partial plate in. Well, the teeth deteriorates when the roots are taken out and over a period of years my teeth deteriorated and nothing would stay there. So, it was a necessity. It wasn’t just for the aesthetics or the looks But it was a necessity to have this done just to have teeth put in.

So, they put the bone grafts in and I’m getting the implants in and we’re still waiting. Hopefully very soon I’ll be able to just clip my teeth in then. Our goal in the future is to have, after these four implants are put in, is to be able to just clip my teeth in. That way everything will be completed and hopefully, you know, we won’t have no more problems.

The process has been great. Dr. Harrell and his staff have been wonderful. Very caring, always very professional and anything that he could do to help me he was willing to do it. I’ve been very well pleased with everything that they have done. As a matter of fact, I used to hate to come to the dentist. But coming to Dr. Harrell I’ve always just looked forward to it because it’s a good time to have fellowship together. We interact and I’ve enjoyed coming to the dentist.