Wendy has a beautiful new smile after completing teeth straightening with Invisalign invisible braces. She is very happy with the process and the result. She is particularly pleased with the way her busy schedule was accommodated throughout the treatment.

Invisalign Charlotte NC – Wendy’s Story

My husband and I found out about Dr. Harrell through a friend and we have since referred several other friends as well to Dr. Harrell. I was looking for just my regular cleaning and I was considering having Invisalign treatment or something to straighten my teeth. And so, I definitely wanted to go to a dentist that had that as an opportunity.

My experience with Invisalign has been a very positive experience. It has been very manageable with my life and my lifestyle, as well as being able to come in to see Dr. Harrell around my work and my children’s schedules as well.

Dr. Harrell is very convenient. He’s located in an area that is close to many people’s work, shopping areas, living where we live. Because of that, he also makes his hours very flexible. We can come in early before work. They accommodate us and the question is always what time is good for you, which is very nice because we all live very busy lives.

I recommend Dr. Harrell. I have recommended Dr. Harrell. I will continue to recommend Dr. Harrell in the future.