Trish had her first-ever porcelain crown put on recently and was unsure what to expect. She says the entire experience was simple and painless and the natural look of the new porcelain crown has definitely improved the quality of her smile.

Dental Crowns & Cleanings – Trish’s Story

I like Dr. Harrell’s office because of the quality. I like the time that they take in the cleanings. Dr. Harrell is just exactly what I’m looking for.

I’ve had a couple of procedures. Mainly, just my six-month cleanings and I’ve had to have a couple crowns done as well. The experience in getting the crown has been great. Dr. Harrell’s been the first doctor where I’ve had to have a crown and I didn’t know what to expect and they walk you through everything you need to know before the procedure starts.

I would recommend Dr. Harrell to my friends and co-workers and I have in the past. Just, when you find someone that gives you quality care you want to share that with everyone else.