Bill thinks the overall experience at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne should be called “Concierge Dentistry” due to the level of personal service. He equates being an Adult Dentistry patient to having your own private dentist.

Concierge Dentistry – Charlotte NC

From the minute you get here until the minute you leave, you feel like you’re the only patient. You can tell by the rooms, how they’re set up — his waiting room is as nice as it is because nobody ever sits in it.

While you’re here you don’t hear a lot of buzzers and beeps distracting him to other patients. You feel like, if there was such a thing as concierge dentistry I think this would be it.

The way he numbs the work area is unlike anything I’d ever experienced and I really appreciate it. So, from that point to the cleanings, my family — when I recommended him — they came here, they left saying they’d never had their teeth cleaned like that. It’s like your private dentist. I don’t really know how they do it.