Cynthia came to Adult Dentistry because she was in the last stages of receiving an implant from another dentist and didn’t like the aesthetics of the tooth they planned to install. She loves her new Adult Dentistry implant, however, as well as the six dental veneers that were used to give her a total smile makeover.

Dental Implants, Charlotte NC, Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne – Cynthia’s Story

I found out about Dr. Harrell as I was desperately searching for a corrective cosmetic dentist. I had a horrible implant and I was about to go through the final stages of having the final implant done. And I didn’t like the actual look of the tooth that they were going to be implanting. So I desperately searched and I found him on the internet.

We started with the initial crown on the hardware for the implant. And we decided why not make the entire smile perfect and we did my entire front six teeth. And today I am blessed with a smile that I love to show. I never took selfies before and I’m constantly taking selfies. My mother seems to think that I’m enamored with my smile and, well, of course. Wouldn’t you be?

It really does make me feel better. It makes me feel better inside and outside. I smile a lot more. I have a better attitude. My whole self improvement on just taking care of myself a hundred percent has changed. I tell everyone I know about Dr. Harrell. I carry his business cards around with me in my wallet.