Betty has had six implants placed. She has also had porcelain dental crowns put in. This extensive reconstruction has given her a beautiful new smile that she says is “life-changing.”

Dental Implants Charlotte from Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne – Betty’s Story

I’ve had some crowns done. I’ve had a couple of crowns. I’ve had some implants, and I’m in the process of actually having six implants. And the technology that was used is incredible. It’s so modern and different from what’s been done in the past. And the equipment and technology that they have here in this office is superior. You don’t have to wait around. It’s done immediately. It’s almost instant dentistry.

If you can only imagine, you go to lunch with the girls and everybody else is finished their salad or finished their meal and you’re still trying to chew because you’re missing teeth. So having those replaced, having the implants is just a life-changing thing. And then it is appearance-wise also.

Being able to smile and not have a kind of a half grin, being able to expose your teeth. And what I have now is just my temporary. The permanents will be toward the end of the month. And I’m really looking forward to that. I definitely would recommend Dr. Harrell. He’s been a real blessing in my life.