Susie first came to our office because she wanted a second opinion on another dentist’s diagnosis. Since becoming a patient she has received same-day dental crowns for cracked teeth and is now very proud of her smile.

Dental Crowns Charlotte NC – Susie’s Story

The main reason I came was the other dentist was telling me I had something funny on an X-ray and I wasn’t 100 percent confident in his assessment. And so I came here and had Dr. Harrell look at the X-ray and it was bad. I had a very serious infection in a tooth.

And so he extracted that tooth and I’ve had a couple cracked teeth that he’s helping me get crowns for and got me a mouthguard fitted. And it’s all been pretty pain free and easy. I had one crown put on so far and, just the whole process, I was out of here in an hour and a half total from the whole process. And I’d never heard of that before so I really like that the Cerec could be done so quickly.

I would highly recommend Dr. Harrell. You know, he is a man of good character. He gives you the options that you need to be aware of, so he’s not gonna force any treatment on you. You get to hear what your options are and you make an informed decision.