Rev. Glen had 11 teeth removed, but thanks to sedation dentistry he felt no pain and was completely anxiety-free during the procedure.

Relaxed with Sedation Dentistry in Charlotte – Rev Glen’s Story

Even when the 11 teeth were taken out, the sedation — I never had any pain. I never had to have any pain medication or anything. From my viewpoint Dr. Harrell knew exactly what he was doing and knew how to do it. And even though I had sedation I had no problems at all.

There was no pain as far as being apprehensive. Naturally I was a little bit apprehensive when you’re gonna have 11 teeth taken out. Well, the sedation took care of that. I had sedation surgery and there was no pain, absolutely. It was unbelievable to me because I have had surgery before in the past. Oh, the pain, it was terrible. But coming and getting surgery here, dental surgery, I didn’t experience any pain.

The sedation took care of all of that. And if someone has a fear of that, there’s no point of being afraid of that.