Al’s teeth were discolored and cracked, which caused him to hide his smile. He needed a dentist who could create a beautiful smile, so he chose Dr. Robert Harrell due to his cosmetic dentistry reputation. Al found the entire staff to be friendly and professional. He is amazed that he got so much work done without pain. He recommends Dr. Harrell to anyone considering cosmetic dental work.

Cosmetic smile makeover Charlotte NC – Al’s Story

My teeth were just not pretty at all. They were discolored. They were cracked, you know, years of abuse and use. I would always hide my smile or not smile at all, and I decided to have this work done, so I looked for a dentist that I felt would fit the bill as far as everything I was looking for.

You know, I wanted a beautiful smile. I wanted a professional. I wanted somebody nearby, and all of this seemed to come together when I went on the Internet and looked at Dr. Harrell’s program here at Adult Dentistry. It really has something that’s been amazing for me. I’ve never had a beautiful smile, and it’s something now that I wear with pride, and it’s just added so much to my life in a positive way.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I came into the program here, but immediately I was put at ease. The staff here at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne are very professional. They are very friendly. They put you at ease in that regard right off and each visit just kept getting better and better. I was also pleased at the fact that he did so much work, Dr. Harrell did so much work in my mouth and never hurt me. I didn’t know that was possible. I came expecting to go through a very difficult time here, and it was just the opposite.

I would recommend Dr. Harrell’s program to everyone that’s considering something like this, and I have nothing but praise and thanks for him and his staff, for the wonderful work that they have done, the results that I have experienced and the comments that I have gotten from all my friends and family about how good my teeth looked, and it has just done wonders for my self-esteem, and if you’re considering it, I would recommend that you try this program with Dr. Harrell.