Anita wanted a dazzling new smile for her son’s wedding so she looked for a cosmetic dentist with a great reputation who could complete the process in time. Her search led her to Dr. Harrell. He was able to give her the smile she dreamed of before the big event. Now, Anita has a beautiful new look and says she appreciates more than ever how much it means to have a great smile.

Getting a Fast Smile Makeover – Anita’s Story

I was going to my son’s wedding, and it was very important to me. I thought that these pictures would be probably some of the most important pictures. They would last a lifetime, and I wanted to feel proud about the way that I looked in those pictures.

I had some difficulty, believe it or not, of finding a dentist that would do what I wanted in the timeframe that I needed to have it done, and I looked online and I started looking for cosmetic dentistry, and I found Dr. Harrell. He was conveniently located, and he assured me that I could have done what I wanted done, when I needed it done.

I love it. I love it. I smile so much more, oh, and somebody wants to take a picture I am smiling full smile, and it’s wonderful. It just makes you feel better about having better, straight, beautiful teeth. Your smile is too important. It is. It is very important. People worry about their hair and their makeup and everything. Their smile is so important.