Regular patients at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne will be the first to tell you, Dr. Robert Harrell loves technology. They know because they’ve grown accustomed to visiting the practice and finding there’s an amazing piece of equipment in use that wasn’t even there the time before. And, now, this new breakthrough machine or advanced technique is making their dental work quicker, simpler and more comfortable than ever.

A prime example of this would be the March 2013 acquisition of a CEREC unit that makes porcelain crowns right in the office. Removing the need to send molds to the lab for fabrication means placing a crown is a same-day procedure at Adult Dentistry. Patients are thrilled that a crown appointment now means allocating just a few hours from one day instead of two.

The maker of the CEREC machine recently spotlighted Dr. Harrell on its website, highlighting his commitment to advanced dentistry and new technology. “Harrell becomes enthusiastic looking into the future and wondering where the technology will go,” the story notes. “He recently treated a physician who compared him to Marvel Comics’ Iron Man. The doctor told him that someday he’d have screens up in the air and use hand gestures to scan and design the teeth. Dr. Harrell flashes a big smile, clearly thinking about all the possibilities.”

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