Natasha saw Dr. Harrell after a recommendation from another dentist. She had sedation dentistry with 21 new crowns and veneers. She drives more than 3 hours to see Dr. Harrell. Her only regret is that she didn’t have it done years earlier. She now recommends Dr. Harrell to all her friends and family.

Natasha’s Story

My name is Natasha, and I am a general contractor, and I came to see Dr. Harrell from some recommendations from another dentist because they said that he could correct my teeth and that he was very gentle in his procedures and that he would make sure there was no pain whatsoever involved.

I had 21 crowns and veneers placed, and I did that with sedation dentistry, and it was absolutely perfect. I took a few pills before I came. I took a few more when I got here, didn’t remember anything until later on in the day when I woke up at home with no pain whatsoever, no memory of what had transpired, and no fear of coming back to have anything done.

I drive from Hickory, North Carolina. It’s about an hour, hour and 15 minutes away, and so that’s a travel, about three hours just to come down here and I come any and every time. There’s nothing I would change.

I now have the most perfect smile that you could not put a price tag on. I wish I would have done it years and years sooner. This was a wonderful experience. I would recommend it to any and everyone. In fact, I have recommend it to quite a few of my friends to come, and I wish I would never have waited as long as I did.