Annette was referred to us by another dentist in town who knew that we could help her. She had major problems with her bite and the alignment of her teeth, and was very unhappy with the way things looked.

annette before after
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We spent a good deal of time planning for her care to make sure we addressed all of her issues and to make sure we got the best aesthetic result. Although her case was very complex, we were able to transform her smile and fix her bite problems with a full mouth reconstruction. Annette had a combination of porcelain veneers, all porcelain crowns, and dental implants. What an amazing change!


Annette’s Story:

You know I never really had self-esteem issues. I knew what I was looking for with my smile. I mean I never had. I think I had an overbite. My teeth were always uneven, so I had accepted that, but then over the years in my 20s after getting my braces taken off my teeth had gone back to their original position, so whereas I went to a dentist in South Park and he told me, “Oh, God you just have such issues. It’s going to take me four years to do it.”

annette's new smile
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Dr. Harrell had solved in my issues in I think four months. He is probably from what I have seen, and I have been to a lot of dentist’s office is the most accommodating and one of the most caring dentist and doctors I have seen. I have worked with good doctors over the years, but I have never had, and I know Dr. Harrell is busy. I have never had a doctor, you know, say, “Here’s my cell phone. Call me,” and then he will say call me if you need me.

I had a friend that asked me, you know, “Why did you?” She asked me, you know, the price for her implant, you know, “Why did you come to him? I’ve got somebody cheaper,” and I told her I said, “You know, you really need to compare just not get on the phone and call. Really come down and go to each surgeon and ask, you know, what are you offering?” What I really appreciated with him when I came in for my first consult. I mean he really sat down with me.

The whole package that he presented to me was just totally incredible; the before and after, the whole presentation. Oh my God! It was just fabulous what he put together on the computer. He really sat down beside me, “Annette this is the way we are going to do it. Everything was on the computer, computer generated, and I really appreciated that.”

The one-on-one attention he gives to, and I’m sure it’s not just me but all of his patients, and every time I come in “Netty, how is everything?”and he takes his time with you in the chair, checks all of your teeth, and I mean you really feel like when you come in that he really cares about, you know, your investment, and that makes you feel like, oh, my God! It’s just worth it.