Problems with the underlying structure of Linda’s four front teeth caused her to lose them, but she will have a full smile again thanks to the new dental implants she will soon be receiving.

Redoing a Bridge With Dental Implants – Linda’s Story

For my four front teeth I have a bridge and I have a problem in that I had some decay underneath the bridge. So, the problem is that that bridge can’t be replaced so I need to have the teeth underneath removed. So, that’s gonna involve three dental implants and then a new bridge. So, it’s gonna involve some extensive work. But, I’m just very fortunate that I’m able to have that done so that I don’t lose my four front teeth.

At first, when I came in a week ago after my bridge came out I was told that implants probably weren’t a possibility. That I’d just have to have a partial with my four front teeth. Well, I knew that if that happened I’d have a lot of bone loss. So, I was very excited to learn yesterday that implants were a possibility. I’m looking very forward to the fact that this is gonna be a permanent solution.

My understanding of the process is that I will have the surgery scheduled and have the three teeth removed and at that time have a partial. So, I have four front teeth and then the implants will be done that same day. And then three months later, the new teeth will be — the new teeth and the bridge — will be attached to the implants at that time. It’s a three-month healing process.

I’m not nervous about the process at all. I’m very excited about the fact that Dr. Harrell can do the entire process himself. The extractions, the bone grafting, the implants. I moved to Charlotte eight years ago and this is where I started coming when I moved here so I feel very comfortable and confident in Dr. Harrell’s work.