David loves his natural looking dental implant and feels. Plus, he was amazed by the ease of the procedure. He says he will definitely be getting additional implants in the future.

Natural Looking Dental Implant – David’s Story

My dental implant was fairly recent. It’s a relatively new procedure and I was pleased to have Dr. Harrell talk to me about it. Talk me through it. He made it real simple to understand. The procedure went very well. I expected it to be at least as good as a crown, in terms of how the implant fit in my mouth and how my bite went and how my chewing was and so forth. It has felt so much like a natural tooth right from the get-go that I haven’t even given it a second thought. I didn’t notice any cold or hot temperature changes. He created great gapping for my flossing. Hey, it just turned out really great.

The way they administered the procedure and the times in between my visits, I never experienced any discomfort and that’s what made it so simple to do and certainly has me endorsing the process. I plan to do implants in the future. In my first visit for this implant it seemed pretty simple. I know he told me that there would be a scan. He told me to come back in a few days after they had a chance to then do the post and build the tooth, which they all do in-house. Three days later I came back. The implant went very well in a short amount of time and out I went.

This is really remarkable technology compared to what I knew about when I was young. You know, I would say not even to think about the word “recovery.” I walked out of here that day and after the painkiller wore off, I was doing everything 100 percent that same day without a second thought. It’s amazing. Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne has been great for us for these years. We have in fact recommended neighbors to him who now see him. So, I feel that is something we would keep doing.