Mark praises the staff at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne for their outstanding service and professionalism.

Professional Dental Staff, Charlotte NC – Mark’s Story

I’ve been coming to see Dr. Harrell for about three and half years, when I first moved to Charlotte. During the past three and a half years I’ve had numerous things done. I’ve had an implant done previously, about three years ago, and that was done by a surgeon and through recommendation by Dr. Harrell. And then, followed up with Dr. Harrell on the crown that went onto the implant. Very professional service, not only by Dr. Harrell but by the staff here as well.

My experience here with Dr. Harrell and his staff has been outstanding. First of all, Dr. Harrell is very professional and friendly and courteous and I always feel comfortable and confident. But I’ve also been extremely impressed with his staff during their cleanings and other procedures that I’ve had down here. They’ve all been very professional, very thorough, very helpful in explaining things. Janice the receptionist has always been a delight to deal with.

So, my total experience has been wonderful here for the past three and a half years since I’ve been coming here.