Elaine had multiple crowns and bridges rebuilt to restore her smile. She used sedation dentistry to alleviate her anxiety about the procedures. Use the attached link to watch her video testimonial about the procedures.

Multiple Crowns and Bridges Replaced – Charlotte NC – Elaine’s Story

I started seeing Dr. Harrell in 2014. I had a lot of crowns and bridges that needed to be replaced so he did the entire top. And then, now we’re working on the bottom and I’ve gotten the front bottom done so far, just replacing crowns and bridges. I had sedation for a couple of the procedures and it was fabulous. I really enjoyed having that because it takes away all of the goings-on around you, all of the rumblings. I don’t have a fear of the dentist but it’s nice to just relax and let them do their job while I’m just kind of, you know, relaxed.

I came in to get a consultation for the entire mouth. And then after I decided what I wanted to do, I wanted to start with the top. So I came back in and they prepared everything. That’s when I got the sedation. They removed all of the old crowns and bridges and they actually prepared my teeth for the new crowns and bridges. And they also put temporary crowns and bridges on. That was the first big part. Then I came back to get the permanent teeth and then back for them to do the adjustment. So, that was several appointments.

And for the bottom, that I’ve just started on, I came back for another consultation. They let me know exactly what needed to be done. I came in, they did the same thing. I got sedation, they took out the old ones, they put in new temporary ones and then I came back and just got the permanent ones the other day. Having a new smile is wonderful.