Gail needed her four front teeth replaced with a porcelain bridge and porcelain veneers to close two gaps on the sides. Now, people routinely comment on her beautiful smile. She has recommended Adult Dentistry to her husband, father-in-law and nieces.

Bridge for 4 front teeth, Charlotte NC: Gail’s Story

My name is Gail Ashton. When I was very young I knocked out my front four teeth to the gum line. When I started upstairs at the pediatric office, Dr. Harrell was recommended by one of the doctors up there. I needed my bridge redone. They had also pulled some teeth on the side for braces when I was young, so I had two gaps on the side and I came down to Dr. Harrell. He did a consultation with me and told me that he could fill in those with some veneers. He could redo my bridge and give me a smile that I will be proud of, and in two visits he did that. As soon as I went back to work and got the permanent ones on, people started going “You have the most beautiful teeth. How do you get your teeth so white?” I referred my father-in-law here. My husband comes here. I bring both of my nieces here. I would recommend them to anybody. The staff is professional and exceptional. When you walk in, I feel like I am at home. You know, they know me by name. It’s like going onto an episodes of Cheers where everybody knows your name, and when I walk in the door, I feel comfortable. They always are on time. They take me right back, and they get the job done and they do it well, so that will keep me coming back.