Sherilyn has been extremely pleased with the multiple crowns and fillings she has received from us. This is an especially big deal to us because she experiences severe dental anxiety. “I am very nervous when I am here and Dr. Harrell always puts me at ease and never makes me feel silly for crying or feeling nervous.” If fear is keeping you from receiving needed dental work, we can help. Just ask Sherilyn!

Dental crowns in Charlotte NC: Elizabeth’s Smile Makeover

My name is Elizabeth Workman. I have been a patient of Dr. Harrell’s for about seven years. I have had routine cleanings and exams. I have had a cavity filled, and I have had two crowns put in. I needed the crowns because I ground my teeth. Dr. Harrell did some research and found a new material to make my crowns so that I would not shatter them as I kept grinding my teeth. I will always be a patient of Dr. Harrell’s because they have exemplary customer service. They go above and beyond in providing the best possible dental care both in terms of prevention with bite guards and seeing what’s going on and what’s causing the issues as well as addressing things that have happened that need to be fixed. My overall experience has been exemplary. I have never had a problem getting in. I have been seen immediately and gotten calls after hours if I have ever had any concerns. It’s been everything you could ask for in a dentist.