Wendy feels like the staff of Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne is part of her extended family. From first names to assisting with her charitable fundraising, she loves the interactions she has with everyone and appreciates how accommodating they are whenever there is a need for quick care.

Wendy feels like the staff is her extended family

The staff is fantastic here. They have just been part of our family, both on a personal note with supporting us on our personal fundraising experiences, and with other things that are important to us.

They have by all means just been to the point that we are all on a first-name basis. They call, I hear the voice of Janice and I just immediately say “hi Janice” or she calls and I say “it’s Wendy” and she knows exactly which Wendy it is, probably out of many.

I’m very comfortable here. I can swing by at any point to make an appointment, to pick something up. It’s part of our family. We’re always here. My husband comes here.

I had an experience where I had a terrible toothache the day before Thanksgiving. They said come right over and they fixed it so I could eat my turkey on Thanksgiving. So, that was great. If you can do that then that means that they accommodate you in any way possible. So, it’s been very positive.