Bonnie suffered with a great deal of anxiety about going to the dentist. She found Dr. Harrell online and “trusted her instincts” and made an appointment. With sedation dentistry, she was able to receive the dental health care she needed. Best of all, she no longer fears her visits because she knows that dental sedation works exceptionally well and is always an option.

Sedation Dentistry in Charlotte – Bonnie’s Story

When it comes to going to the dentist, I’m scared. So one day I decided I would Google “being scared of dentists,” so I did and Dr. Harrell’s name popped up. And I saw somebody say something…or he said something about how if you’re scared, you know, we alleviate all those problems.

So, I trusted my instincts and called and came in and was so pleased because he made everything seem so simple. I came in, had a consultation and so I talked to Dr. Harrell. He told me what the procedure was gonna be, what we needed to do to fix the things that were wrong. And I explained to him how scared I was and he just assured me that they would take good care of me. If it meant that I had to be sedated that they could do that. I was all about that.

I’ve gotten so now that when I come in I don’t feel the anxiety that I did before. When it comes to Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne I would recommend it to all of my friends. Especially the ones that are scared like I was.