After we placed two dental implants for Edie Ward, she sent us a wonderful note expressing her appreciation for Dr. Harrell and the entire staff. She indicated that she was overjoyed by the “excellent” quality of care she received at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne. We are humbled by Edie’s heartfelt thanks (read her letter below) and promise to continue to deliver the highest level of care to her and all of our patients at Adult Dentistry.



Thank you so much – for so many things…

For the excellent care of my teeth, for the giggles and joy.

for the wonderful conversations (although mostly one-sided
because of the stuff you put in my mouth!),

for the pictures of your family..and the love you have for them,
for choosing such a wonderful, caring staff,

and especially for making me feel like a very special person–
(That’s because of your being a very special person!)

It seems that I enter your office with a smile of anticipation–
and leave with a smile of thanksgiving.

I join all of your patients in saying that you are a gift to us
– and thank you so much for your care… and for caring.

Sincerely, Edie Ward