Did you know that like most dental treatments, teeth whitening requires ongoing maintenance? While many people initially think brightening your smile is a one-time cosmetic dentistry procedure, the reality is that whatever stained your teeth in the first place can eventually catch up with your smile again over time. Educating yourself on specific foods and beverages to avoid or enjoy lightly (followed by immediate brushing), can help extend your teeth whitening results. Learn more below:

  • Coffee
    Are you a slave to your morning cup of java? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, coffee is one of the most common causes of tooth staining, and may even be the reason you need to get your teeth whitened in the first place. At the very least, dentists recommend waiting 48 hours after whitening before consuming dark foods or liquids. If you simply can’t resist, use a straw.
  • Dark Chocolate
    In addition to tasting delicious, studies have found that dark chocolate is a potent antioxidant with a variety of health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and helping stave off heart disease. That said, it can still ruin a newly whitened smile. You don’t need to cut dark chocolate out of your diet completely after teeth whitening. Just make sure to avoid it for the first week. Learn about more staining foods and beverages, compliments of Your Dentistry Guide

The Time Is Now For A Radiant Smile

The sunny seasons are great for teeth whitening. With even the slightest tan, your smile can already look shades whiter. (Of course, the caring team at Adult Dentistry Of Ballantyne wants you to practice safe worship. Combine light tanning with tinted moisturizers or bronzing products with UV blocking SPF to achieve your golden glow.) If you have been considering whitening your teeth, now is a perfect time. Book your ZOOM! teeth whitening session with us today. We have everything you need to maintain a healthy and happy smile. Find out which ingredients can wreak havoc on your pearly whites below:

  • Pasta Sauce
    Because of their acidity, bright red hue and tendency to cling to the teeth, the tomatoes in pasta sauce can leave your teeth vulnerable to staining. Dine on some dark green veggies, such as broccoli, kale and spinach, beforehand to create a protective film over the teeth. The film will ward off tomatoes’ staining effect, so spring for a green salad as an appetizer.
  • Curry
    Curry, a spice that works well in Indian food and exotic dishes, is also a cause of discolored teeth. Its deep pigmentation can yellow teeth over time. Due to its high staining factor, curry is something you may want to limit in your diet. Whenever you dine on curry-spiced food, mix in fresh fruits and vegetables that prevent stains, such as apples, carrots, cauliflower and celery. Read the entire article and learn how to help protect your smile further from Colgate


A Quick Fix With ZOOM! whitening

Adult Dentistry Of Ballantyne can help you achieve instant smile results with ZOOM! whitening. Imagine brightening up your teeth by as much as seven shades lighter with only one treatment. You can upgrade your smile tremendously on your lunch hour. Keep reading to find out more foods to consider carefully below:

  • Soy Sauce
    It’s not just dark beverages that will stain your teeth — dark liquids used to flavor foods, such as soy sauce, can produce the same effect. A general rule to follow is that if a food can stain your carpet or T-shirt, it can stain your teeth too. If you do eat sushi or Chinese food, use the soy sauce sparingly. Soy sauce is also heavy on sodium, so keeping your teeth white is just one more reason to take it easy on the sauce.
  • Dark Colas
    Dark sodas, including diet, are especially harmful to teeth because of their staining color. The temperature of soda can also be a factor because very cold (as well as very hot) temperatures cause teeth to contract, which makes them more porous and easier to stain. In addition, the phosphoric and citric acids in soda erode tooth enamel, and the sweeteners in regular soda promote tooth decay. Opt for a seltzer, which is healthier than soda to start with. If you can’t give up your soda habit, at least sip it through a straw to limit the beverage’s contact with your teeth. Discover another comprehensive list, compliments of Everyday Health


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