Enjoy your holiday festivities with a whiter teeth & healthier smile. Dr. Robert Harrell and the professional, caring team at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne can easily and efficiently upgrade your smile with the ZOOM! Whitening procedure. Notice immediate results and simultaneously boost your self-confidence. Simple and effective, you will see a bolder smile that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Learn about more benefits here:

  • Whiter teeth around the world

    Tooth whitening as a way to counter extrinsic tooth discoloration is one of the most requested procedures in cosmetic dentistry today. Millions of people want a brighter, whiter smile. With more people doing it, the expectation is rising for the procedure to be safe, painless, and quick.

  • Patient sensitivity

    With Philips Zoom, you can design a whitening plan that perfectly fits your patient’s needs. Zoom WhiteSpeed provides dramatic results in just one office visit. Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite offer take-home convenience and formula flexibility to fit your patient’s needs. For sensitive types, DayWhite Gentle with ACP and potassium nitrate will provide extra relief.

  • Keep smiles bright

    There’s also plenty your patients can do to help maintain results, and counter further tooth discoloration. Simple lifestyle changes like stopping smoking or cutting back on coffee can help avoid new extrinsic stains. Regular brushing with a whitening power toothbrush will help keep smiles bright for longer. And products like the Philips Zoom Whitening Pen will help maintain white smiles between professional whitening treatments. Read more at Philips


Considering Your Brighter Smile

Everyone at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC loves to see our clients’ realize their healthiest smile. Many of our patients are pleasantly surprised how effective their ZOOM! Whitening treatment is after one session. This is one of the most affordable and noticeable smile upgrades available. Check out these additional benefits:

  • It Minimizes the Look of Wrinkles

    A whiter smile shifts the focus on your face. Once your teeth are visible, people will naturally zero in on your smile. This will lessen the appearance of any surrounding wrinkles like frown lines.  Even if this concern isn’t top of mind for you, it’s an added bonus.

  • It Gives You a Positive Outlook on Life

    In general, teeth whitening gives you more reasons to smile.  Even when you aren’t truly happy, smiling tricks your body into believing that you are.  It instantly changes your mood.  Because you’ll want to show off your whiter teeth all the time, that means you’ll be smiling more.  You’ll have a more positive outlook on life because you’ll have a lot more reasons to smile than frown.

  • You Can Thrive In Professional Situations

    If you’ve got a big interview coming up, a whiter smile can work in your favor.  People who enter into interviews with whiter smiles like to show them off.  This charms the interviewer and creates a warmer atmosphere.  Plus, smiling makes you feel more prepared and in turn makes the interviewer believe that you’re more prepared.  Aside from nailing big interviews, you can also bring that same energy to everything from salary negotiations to brainstorming sessions.Read more at Pearly Whites


Book Your Whitening Treatment Today at ADOB

It is your time to shine! Embrace your sensational smile and show off a brighter, whiter grin today and book your appointment with us. Enjoy showing off the smile you take pride in and work so hard to take care of. Our team is committed to helping you have your happiest and healthiest smile. Keep reading to see why fellow dentist Dr. Green enjoys the Zoom! system:

  • Designed Especially for You

    Most whitening treatments, especially trays and strips, are sold as one-size-fits-all. In reality, these rarely fit the majority of users, because each person’s smile comes in a different size and shape. Ill-fitting trays and strips are the biggest reason patients experience uneven whitening and sensitivity in the teeth and gums.

  • Quick Treatment

    The whitening products you buy at your local pharmacy may help you attain brighter teeth, but you may need to use them for weeks, or even months before you see noticeable results. With some products, you may not ever see the results you desire.
    Dr. Green uses the Zoom! Whitening system for professional whitening treatments in our office. The treatment time for an in-office whitening usually lasts about an hour, and can produce results up to ten shades brighter in that short time.

  • Comfortable Treatment

    Many patients who have used over-the-counter whitening treatments have reported pain and sensitivity of the teeth while using the products. This can result from hydrogen ions penetrating the surface of the teeth or the whitening agent making contact with the lips or gums due to incorrectly sized trays or strips. Read more at nGreen Dental

If you are unhappy with your smile for any reason, schedule a free, no obligation smile consultation with Dr. Robert Harrell at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne. Call 704-541-9888 or use the contact form on this page to set your appointment. Dr. Harrell will explain your cosmetic dentistry options and help you decide which best suits your needs.