You will speak better with the right dentures

The positioning of the tongue and the lips is key for clear speaking. Unfortunately, both can be compromised by an ill-fitting denture. Many denture wearers are often unaware of the fact that their speech has even changed. They don’t realize that their ill-fitting, unstable dentures have altered their phonetics and speech patterns. In many cases, this change in voice is the giveaway that they’re wearing dentures.
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Dr. Harrell discusses preserving your speech with dentures:

At Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, every denture we prescribe is made to an exacting standard. We always make sure that your plates fit properly and will remain secure through all of your daily activities. In addition, we check your diction to ensure that your speaking isn’t impaired. We want you to leave your appointment sounding just the same as when you arrived.

If you need dentures and want to avoid a change to your speech, or if you already have dentures but feel that they are compromising your vocal abilities, come in and let us make you a custom denture that will look and sound completely natural.

For more than 17 years Dr. Robert Harrell has been one of the top dentists in Charlotte, NC. The quality of his work is praised by his patients and peers alike. He will be happy to craft you a well-fitting, well-designed denture that rivals your natural teeth and maintains your appearance.

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