Watch a Movie During Your Dental Procedures

Lisa loves using the video glasses at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne to watch a movie or TV show during her dental procedures. It takes her mind off the work that is being done, which reduces her anxiety and makes the time pass much more quickly.

Watch a Movie During Your Dental Procedures

I have been coming to see Dr. Harrell for over a decade now. I love this staff. When you call Dr. Harrell’s front desk staff, especially Janice — so caring, so loving — I know how she’s going to answer. It’s very nicely decorated.

And, not just that, but I have told several of my friends — and they were just astounded by this — I would say, when I get my teeth cleaned they ask me if I would like some glasses to be able to watch a movie. And I would say, “Of course, I do.” Or, I could watch HGTV.

It just helps me to know that watching the movie is going to take my mind off what they’re doing. And, I almost kind of forget that they’re doing it because I’m trying to enjoy the show.

Whenever I come I feel like I enjoy myself and then it’s over and I’m done and I’m on my way within the hour. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Harrell.

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