Sheletha was given a dramatic smile makeover with porcelain veneers. She has absolutely no regrets about the procedure — other than she wishes she had done it sooner. She says her dental veneers look completely natural and she feels so much better about herself.

A Total Smile Makeover – Sheletha’s Story

If you could just see the before and see now you would know my teeth were discolored, aging. They really did not look good, and I didn’t know how bad they looked until I’d got them taken care of. I really didn’t, but it’s sort of embarrassing, and I am so glad I did it.

I serve a lot of events, and I know a couple of Dr. Harrell’s previous patients and they were happy. Word of mouth, I think it’s great. I had the veneers done. It was like totally painless. It didn’t take very long at all from prepping it to getting in here, Dr. Harrell made me feel so comfortable, and it feels natural, and I feel better because I know I look better.

If you’re not too sure and you’re uncomfortable, whatever you’re uncomfortable about, research it. Find out as much as you can find ou. Start with Dr. Harrell and you’ll end with Dr. Harrell.