Jim was not happy with the quality of his smile so he had an extensive makeover with porcelain crowns and veneers. The entire process was completed in one day. He says he is very pleased with both the results and the level of care he continues to receive from Dr. Robert Harrell and his staff at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne.

Total Smile Makeover: Jim’s Story

My name is Jim Finn. I have been a patient of Dr. Harrell’s for about three years I guess, maybe four. I had a total makeover, smile makeover, some porcelain veneers.

I came in with a bad smile, some teeth that have been, I don’t want to say neglected I just was not fortunate to have great teeth from when I was a child. When I came to Dr. Harrell, he just put me at ease and said, “We’ll take care of your smile,” and came in one day and we knocked it out. It took all day, but you know, to get the work done, but he did a great job.

You think of doctors as being real harsh, and he is just as genuine as can be and is always friendly and you know, his staff are incredible, and when I come in for my checkups and cleanings, and they just make me feel like I am home when I am here, so it’s a great experience.

I run into people and they say, “Where did you get your teeth done?” and you know, I have to tell them I go to Dr. Harrell down here, and I live in Cornelius, so I drive a good ways just to come here to see him, and I wouldn’t change that. I will continue to come here.