Sharon had gold fillings and it bothered her that they showed when she smiled. She found Dr. Harrell online and came in for tooth colored fillings. She now has complete confidence in her new smile from Adult Dentistry in Ballantyne.

Sharon’s Story:

I had an experience with a dentist where he told me the only possible way of doing a filling was putting in gold, and I believed him because I was young, and there are techniques now which Dr. Harrell is very aware of that don’t entail using gold as a filling, and that bothered me for years and years and years because when I smile wide, I’d see that piece of gold and I didn’t want to see it, so I decided that I wanted to get my teeth done.

I went online and looked at many dentists in the Ballantyne area because Ballantyne has a reputation for quality, and I wanted a quality dentist and I read the accolades that were online about Dr. Harrell, and that’s how I found him and that’s how I chose him.

I had porcelain veneers and crowns done. It was painless. It was a wonderful experience, and I have no regrets. Dr. Harrell is a professional. His office help are professional, and I feel that quality when I come in to have my teeth cleaned and checked. I feel good about myself. I feel really good about my smile because when I smile, I smile large, and I want everyone to see those gorgeous teeth.