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Many people have a simple test to determine whether or not they will replace a missing tooth. The evaluation usually goes like this: Does the empty space show? If the answer is yes, they’re often motivated by vanity to have the issue corrected in some fashion. However, when the answer is no, too many will let the situation slide because they think it is of no consequence. What they don’t realize is that a missing tooth impacts one’s dental health in a significant way.

Within two years of losing a tooth, there can be as much as 50 percent bone mass loss where the tooth used to be. Obviously, this weakens the structure of the jaw and puts the surrounding teeth at risk. Also, the open space allows the remaining teeth to shift out of position, misaligning the bite and possibly leading to the onset of TMJ disorder. This is not to mention the way your smile might look after your teeth have shifted.

As you can see, a missing tooth is a big deal whether it’s visible or not. At Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, we recommend dental implants to replace missing teeth. Implants are made of porcelain so they match the look and strength of your natural teeth. You can eat and speak normally with implants. They truly are a game-changer in the field of dentistry.

For more than 17 years Dr. Robert Harrell has been one of the top dentists in Charlotte, NC. The quality of his work is praised by his patients and peers alike. He can provide you with a dental implant that rivals your natural teeth and maintains your health and appearance.

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