After a summer of entertaining and indulging, how is your smile looking these days? Have those extra glasses of wine with all your entertaining and those additional s’mores around the campfire dulled your gleam? Well, not to worry. Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne has everything necessary to restore the brilliance of your pearly whites.

Whitening Treatment

Did you know that our teeth naturally yellow with age? This can inadvertently add years to your smile and your overall appearance. Dr. Robert Harrell and his top-notch team at Adult Dentistry can transform your smile easily and efficiently. Book your ZOOM! Whitening treatment today to prepare for the upcoming holidays and all of the photos that accompany them.

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Let’s take a closer look at what happens when your teeth darken.
Most causes of tooth discoloration fall into two broad categories: extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Yellowing can also be caused by a wide array of health factors.

Extrinsic stains

You’ll find extrinsic stains on the surface of the enamel, the hard, outermost layer of your teeth. While enamel is harder than bone, according to the Mayo Clinic, it can still be easily stained.

“The No. 1 cause of teeth yellowing is lifestyle,” said Dr. Justin Philipp of J. Philipp Dentistry in Chandler, Arizona. “Smoking, drinking coffees and teas, chewing tobacco are the worst.”

Not surprisingly, other dark-colored foods and beverages, including red wine, colas, dark sauces and various fruits, such as grapes, blueberries and pomegranates, also have potential to stain teeth. These items are high in chromogens, pigment-producing substances with a penchant for sticking to tooth enamel.

Acidic foods and beverages can worsen matters by eroding tooth enamel and making it easier for chromogens to latch onto the teeth. Tannin, a bitter compound found in wine and tea, also helps chromogens attach to tooth enamel.

Intrinsic stains

Intrinsic stains occur within the tooth, when various factors alter the light-transmitting properties of the enamel and the underlying dentin.

Numerous medications can cause intrinsic stains. If children take the antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline while their teeth are still developing (before the age of 8), their teeth may turn brownish-yellow. During adulthood, chlorhexidine, an antiseptic used in prescription-strength mouthwash to treat gingivitis, can cause discolorations. Likewise, the acne-fighting drug minocycline, a derivative of tetracycline, stains teeth. Chemotherapy directed at the head and neck and chemotherapy drugs can also result in intrinsic stains. Even relatively common drugs, such as antihistamines, Albuterol and blood pressure medications, can sometimes yellow teeth. See more at Live Science
adult dentistry ballantyne charlotte nc robert harrell 28277 implants cosmetic sedation zoom whitening

We Specialize in Confident Smiles

Dr. Harrell has been helping residents in the Charlotte metro region enjoy healthier and happier smiles for nearly two decades. A glowing smile is much easier to achieve and maintain with regular dental hygiene appointments. Detecting any underlying issues as they arise, rather than allowing them to wreak havoc and spread throughout your mouth, is key to your dental health. Decay can cause dramatic discoloration so we must remain vigilant in our mouth care.

Being able to greet loved ones, acquaintances, and strangers alike with a beautiful bright smile is something everyone should be able to experience. Not only does being able to show the world your pearly whites give you more self-confidence, but it projects an outward appearance of healthiness that others are attracted to. Read more from Gary Nishimura, DDS

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