Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC understands how empowering it is to have a radiant smile. Our team is committed to helping you enjoy the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible. Dr. Robert Harrell relies on the most advanced technology to obtain all of the information and materials needed to immediately get to work on restoring your dental health. CEREC digital technology has revolutionized dentistry, particularly in the area of treatment times.

Same-Day Crowns Will Have You Grinning Again In No Time

A chipped, broken or missing tooth can cause clients a lot of grief. Infection can enter the damaged tooth system and lead to an entirely new host of issues. Sometimes, it is more the embarrassment of having a gap or unsymmetrical smile that is the main problem. Either way, Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne offers same-day smile solutions to help you minimize discomfort and regain your confident smile. Dr. Robert Harrell explains some of the main advantages of CEREC same-day crowns  in this informative video from our YouTube channel:

Experience the CEREC Convenience

We know how busy your life is and strive to give our clients less time in the chair. CEREC same-day crowns streamline the entire process of repairing missing, cracked or broken teeth. Enjoy less travel time and the ability to leave your first appointment with your fabulous new smile! Book your appointment at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne today! Check out more reasons why we are equally passionate about this revolutionary technology below:

CEREC Crowns Save You Time and Hassle

As we mentioned before, traditional dental crowns require two or more visits to apply. On the first, the dentist prepares your tooth to receive the crown. This is done by removing decay and reducing the size of your tooth. The dentist then takes impressions of the tooth that are used to create your new dental crown which are sent to an outside dental laboratory. You’re then fitted with a temporary crown to protect the tooth. Weeks later you return to the office to have the permanent crown placed.

Your CEREC Crown Will Save You Money

CEREC crowns don’t require multiple appointments. They also don’t require the use of temporary crowns. That cuts down on the expense of placing your CEREC crown. Plus placing crown on the same-day means less time spent in our office and less time spent missing work. Plus with proper care, your CEREC crown will last for decades! Read more benefits of CEREC from All Smiles Jacksonville


Strong, Reliable and Fast

This advanced technology simplifies tooth restoration down to a science. Our friendly team simply takes a digital image of your tooth which is instantly downloaded into our CEREC machine in the office. The software creates at 3-D model which is created by the milling machine. Your custom replacement restoration is created right before your eyes! The crown is fitted on your tooth and you’re done. No more messy dental impressions and sending your information to a lab off site or having to book a second appointment to place your crown. Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne knows how precious your time is and we strive to ensure you have plenty of reasons to smile.

Continue reading to learn more benefits of CEREC technology, courtesy of Columbus, Ohio’s Capstone Dental:

CEREC Allows for Simple Tooth Restorations

Do you have a broken tooth due to a missing filling, or have a slightly cracked tooth? If your tooth woes are simple, and your smile doesn’t require extensive dental work, you could be a perfect candidate for a same-day crown. Many patients forgo crowns for these uncomplicated dental issues because of the slow turnaround of traditional lab-fabricated crowns — which is never a good idea!

CEREC Dental Crowns Can Preserve More of Your Existing Tooth

A same-day dental crown can often help our dentists preserve more of your original tooth, unlike the traditional crown method which requires the majority of your tooth to be eliminated. This often means less drilling — which is quite thrilling for patients.

Same-Day Crowns are Strong

You may think that dental crowns crafted in one dental visit are of lower quality than their traditional counterparts. But this notion is entirely false. Both traditional crowns and CEREC same-day crowns are crafted from strong, durable porcelain. If you take care of your dental crown properly, you can often enjoy the benefits of your natural-looking same-day dental crown for many years.

Same-Day Dental Crowns Look Like Real Teeth

Both CEREC same-day dental crowns and traditional lab-fabricated crowns are designed to look just as natural as your permanent teeth. Each method uses porcelain that is shaded to match the color of your natural teeth, but with same-day crowns, you can often achieve better, more natural-looking results as you will have a lot control over the crown’s color while you’re in the dentist’s chair.

Don’t put off having the brilliant smile you deserve. Contact us now to book your CEREC same-day crown appointmentDr. Harrell is recognized as one of the city’s top dentists year-after-year by <Charlotte Magazine>. Call Adult Dentistry now at 704-541-9888 or use the contact form on the website to make an appointment.