Replacement Dental Veneers – Charlotte NC

Carolyn’s 25-year-old veneers had become discolored with time and she was no longer happy with her smile. She came to Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne to have them replaced with porcelain dental veneers and now she loves her look.

Replacement Dental Veneers – Charlotte NC

I’d had veneers put on back in 1990, so the ones I had put on were good for 25 years at least. So, they were starting to turn, more of a yellow color I guess. And, so the front of my teeth were a little bit more yellow and now they’re more white. So, it was a big difference between night and day.

Well, it starts with Janice at the front desk — she’s very kind, very warm, very welcoming. She greets you very kindly when you come in and makes you feel very welcome. And, of course, the dental hygienists are very kind. I had a few years where I was between teeth cleanings and had a lot of build up, but the hygienist really took care of me very nicely, was very gentle and made my teeth really nice and clean. And then Dr. Harrell just finished up what needed to be done. He’s just a very nice doctor and he can really perform a lot of miracles and make your smile look really nice.

They’re good with payment wise. There are payment plans that are available to you if you need that route.

I would recommend Dr. Harrell and his office to other people and I don’t think that anyone could go wrong coming here. It’s just a wonderful place.

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