There are many benefits associated with dental implant bridges that you won’t find with other teeth replacement options, such as the traditional crown and bridge method. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of replacing missing teeth with an implant dental bridge.

Protection of the adjacent teeth.

This is the number one benefit when talking about implant bridges as compared to the traditional crown and bridge method. To replace your missing teeth, the crown and bridge relies on capping the neighboring teeth which might otherwise be completely healthy. This is not necessary with implant bridges as they do not require any alteration to the surrounding or neighboring teeth. An implant bridge is completely self-supported so the rest of the teeth remain as natural as they were before.

Easily replace multiple missing teeth.

When a person has more than one missing tooth, other methods of tooth replacement may not be able to permanently correct the problem. The old crown and bridge method of replacement needs the support of other natural teeth. It may not be possible due to the position of the missing teeth. However, with implant bridges, one can easily replace multiple missing teeth anywhere in the mouth. This allows the implant dentist to restore the patient’s smile and function where they might have been unable to otherwise.


This is another important aspect that must be taken into consideration when evaluating tooth replacement options. Various methods require different levels of maintenance, which means some that are cheaper initially end up being more costly in the long run. Looking at implant bridges specifically, they are by far the best method. They are simple to maintain — just brush and floss regularly like your natural teeth. With this basic level of care, implant bridges can last a lifetime. This becomes cost effective over time when you realize that other methods must be redone after a period of some years.

The natural look

An implant bridge restores the full look and function of the patient’s missing natural teeth. Properly fitted, it also helps to restore the original shape of the patient’s face, which can sag from missing teeth or bone loss. Because the implant bridge is an outstanding replacement for missing teeth in every way. They allow the owner’s personality and confidence to shine through just the way they would if the patient still possessed a full mouth of natural teeth. We all know that appearances can mean a lot, especially in our social lives and on the job.

Speech and food consumption

As stated, implant bridges work as naturally as one’s own real teeth. It makes them the ideal teeth replacement option compared to any other method available. After receiving an implant bridge, the patient’s speech is not affected — there are no struggles with sounds and letters so no one suspects that you’ve had dental work. In addition, your food choices won’t need to change in any way like they do with some types of replacements. Implant bridges allow patients to eat all the foods they enjoyed with their natural teeth. Your implants are as strong and as functional as your own healthy teeth so eat up and don’t think about it.

It’s easy to see that an implant-supported dental bridge is the ideal method for replacing your missing teeth. Dr. Robert Harrell at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne is the Charlotte-area leader in implant dentistry. Schedule a free, no-obligation smile consultation with him to discuss your implant needs. Call 704-541-9888 or use the contact form on this page to reach the office today. We look forward to hearing from you.