Gary recommends Adult Dentsitry of BallantyneSince 1999, Gary has recommended Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne. Gary has received multiple procedures throughout the years with great success. He appreciates getting the appointment scheduling he needs and finds the staff humorous, kind and gentle.

Gary’s Story:

My name is Gary Wilking, and I live in Charlotte. I started coming to Dr. Harrell in July of 1999 when he first opened. I was one of his early patients.

My overall experience here has been fabulous. I have had all kind of dental work from crowns, to fillings, to standard cleanings every six months. I find his prices to be fair and his staff to be very good.

The most difficult procedure that I have had done here was I had a crown that was over a filling, so we had to remove everything and start from scratch, so but at the end it wasn’t painful, it just took a little bit of time and again, I thought it was well done.

What I appreciate about Dr. Harrell and his staff is whenever I need an early morning appointment they fit me in. If I have an emergency, Dr. Harrell has met me here before after hours or on the weekend to replace something, and his staff is very comfortable to me. They are courteous, kind, gentle and humorous.

I recommend Dr. Harrell and his staff to all of our friends. They are looking for a new dentist because they are dissatisfied with their current dentist.