Diana really wanted a new smile, but was overwhelmed by doing it all at once. We sat down one day to figure out exactly what she wanted and mapped out a plan to get her the result she was looking for.

Receding gums with new smileWe worked in phases to rebuild the bite on her back teeth with porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges, and then placed porcelain veneers on her front teeth. We totally restored her confidence with a beautiful smile makeover. By doing the work in phases, she got the result she wanted and kept it all within her budget.

Diana’s Story of  a new Smile

Before I came then I just had gums that were receding, and you could see, you know, I had root exposure that was really sensitive on the top teeth, and they restored them with veneers. They don’t stain. They wear excellent, and they’re your real teeth. The other dentists proposed a partial, and he gave me another alternative to not remove any teeth or take, you know, do partials and just the procedures that he offered to save all the teeth, you know, were great.

receding gums repair desntist charlotte ncSo, he had the answer to every problem, an easier answer, and a better fix, a permanent fix for the problem. The confidence that it let me keep was great, you know, I was, almost lost all that as far as speaking and smiling, and things like that, but the bedside manner in there in incredible, the service that you get and the care that you get.