David and Alice have been patients at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne for nine years. They say they are pleased with Dr. Harrell’s demonstrated concern for their health and well-being as well as his proactive approach to dentistry and his willingness to discuss various options for treatment.

Preventative Dentistry in Charlotte NC – David and Alice’s Story

DAVE: I am Dave Harald.

ALICE: And I am Alice Harald.

DAVE: Well, we have been seeing Dr. Harrell for nine years now. The thing I most appreciate about Dr. Harrell is not only does the broad range of his abilities help several of my problems, but he cares. He’s called back the day after a dental procedure. He’s checked on a Saturday with me. You can’t beat that.

ALICE: What I really like is he’s proactive to prevent problems rather than just fix the problem once it’s happened. When there is something that needs to be done out of the ordinary, he doesn’t just tell you have this problem, and here’s what I am doing. He explains it to you, but then he also gives you alternatives. He doesn’t just say this is the one thing to do. He explains the various ways you could treat your dental problems.

DAVE: You know, in terms of recommending Dr. Harrell, we have. And the record would show that some people have come here, and he’s acknowledged that back to us, which is also helpful to know that it completes the loop. So, yes, we’re always happy to recommend him. Now that we’ve been with him for nine years we obviously have the opportunity to see how things work, and they work quite well.