Linda Falcone's new smileLinda has a beautiful new smile thanks to porcelain veneers. Linda and her husband have been patients of Dr. Harrell’s for years. Linda had a marvelous transformation in her smile when she got new veneers. She recommends Dr. Harrell to all her friends.

Linda’s Story

My name is Linda Falcone. I have been a patient of Dr. Harrell’s for about four years now.

My overall experience has been fantastic. My husband and I have been visiting with the doctor for that period of time, and the doctor and his staff are very professional. I get my regular checkups and cleanings here, and I have also had porcelain veneers done by Dr. Harrell.


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People look at me and compliment me on my smile in public places. It was a great transformation for me and just very pleased with the result. I definitely would recommend Dr. Harrell and his staff to others, and they are always very, very helpful, very good, and always punctual.

They treat you like a person. They always remember your name, and everyone on the staff knows exactly what they are doing.