Dave had been patient of ours for many years. We discussed his smile makeover many times until his wife finally prompted him to go for it.

Daves new porcelain venners and crownsWe removed one of his retained baby teeth and placed 8 LAVA porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges.



Dave’s Story

I retained a lot of deciduous, or baby teeth, so my mouth is a wreck. My sister got all the good teeth in my family, and I got all the bad ones, so for a long time I’ve never had a decent smile. I have a theory if it’s not broke don’t fix it, and my mouth I was always because of the past history with it in what I was dealt.

Daves new porcelain crwons and veneers

I was very suspect in my own mind to try to do anything to my mouth because I was afraid that tampering, so to speak, with what I had would only make it worse, and you know, doing extensive dental work would hurt my future, and Dr. Harrell helped me with that in educating me. If they were able to, you know, geez we talked about it for maybe two years prior to even doing it. We put a bridge in a couple of years ago. It prompted a discussion between us about Dr. Harrell suggesting it and me seeing advertisements, and I actually looked into it 20 years ago.

The options that were given to me back then were literally pulling out teeth and replacing them with, I forget the terminology, but literally, pulling teeth out and replacing them, and the veneer option gave me something, you know, today that eliminated that fear by a long shot which was using my existing teeth and basically putting the veneers on top of them to give me a natural look.

I really wish I had done it sooner because I’m really thrilled with the results. From a confidence standpoint just in dealing with other people maybe, you know, I don’t have to worry about, you know, hiding a smile.