The fact that it is now possible for a dentist to take tooth measurements for a crown, prepare the tooth, fabricate the permanent porcelain crown and place it all in a single office visit is a technological breakthrough. In the past, getting a crown required two separate dental visits approximately a week apart, during which time the patient had to wear a temporary crown that was prone to coming off at the most inopportune time.

At Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, getting a crown is as painless as it is quick. Dr. Robert Harrell is committed to providing a pain-free patient experience. This can be accomplished with advanced local anesthetics to ensure that patients are completely numb. Or, if they prefer, patients with high anxiety be sedated for the procedure.

A porcelain dental crown is the most advanced solution for restoring a tooth. Porcelain is as strong as your natural teeth and can be fabricated to match their exact shade as well. With all the benefits of same-day porcelain dental crowns, and the fact that they can be painlessly applied, there’s no downside to the process.

For more than 17 years Dr. Harrell has been one of the top dentists in Charlotte, NC. The quality of his work is praised by his patients and peers alike. He will be happy to craft you a well-fitting, well-designed custom denture that rivals your real teeth and maintains your appearance.

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