Pat has been a patient in our practice for almost 10 years. He wanted to know what could be done to improve his smile. We took some photos and prepared a digital smile preview for him.

quick smile makeover in CharlotteHe considered the procedure for several years before having his smile makeover done. It couldn’t have been easier—just four porcelain veneers and two appointments, and he was all done.


Pat Talks of Dr. Harrell’s Approach

I wasn’t conscious about it. I had my family members say, “Boy, you’ve got a gap in your teeth. You ought to consider getting that fixed.” I was never bothered by it because vanity wasn’t a thing I was real concerned about. When it was brought to my attention by my family that I had these gaps then I started noticing it more, and I started paying attention where the camera was when I’d take a picture, so I’d turn to one side or the other so the gap in my front was a little narrower on one side than the other, so I’d always turn to the narrow side.

pat's quick smile makeoverI like Dr. Harrell’s approach. It’s informative. He shares with you what your needs are, what you could do. He offers no more than I need, and you know, he never pushed me for veneers. I mean I asked what I could do, and he told me, and did all the makeup work and took pictures and showed me what it would look like.

Dr. Harrell did a nice job of being kind of a perfectionist with it and making sure it was right, but I was surprised what a difference it has made, and I am surprised how much I look forward to taking pictures now and redoing my family photos.

I was playing golf the other day, and so golfers that I normally play gold with but haven’t seen in a long time, they looked at me and said, “Something is different about you. What’s different?” They said, “Look at your smile,” and they brought it out. I mean I wasn’t showing it off or trying to do anything different. Subconsciously it just seems like I smile more, so it was interesting that these men were pointing it out.

We were on a vacation in Europe and we had some pictures of just my wife and I that the photographer would take at random, and every picture of me with her were good pictures, but it was just a grin. Now, I went to a high school reunion in September and every picture is huge. It’s wide and my teeth are white, and you know, besides other folks, their teeth, it was really a stand out. It was almost like I had a light bulb on in my mouth.