Rex has been a patient of ours for many years. At a cleaning appointment, he asked if there was any new technology available to make his front teeth look better and feel stronger. He was starting to break his old crowns due to his strenuous bite. He really didn’t like the spotted appearance and the shape of his front teeth.

new-crowns-and-veneers-charlotte-nc-for REx
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We used an amazing new system called LAVA, which has incredible strength to make six new crowns and veneers for Rex. The base for the crowns is created in a computerized CAD/CAM milling machine from a small block of the tooth-colored Lava material. Traditional porcelain is then used to finish the crowns and give them a life-like appearance.


Rex’s Story:

When you go through life not confident in your smile I mean that’s just, that’s just one place that it starts just in general conversations with people, and you’re worried about how you look. From youth I had a gap between my teeth that had been filled in with some bonding and later on I had a couple of crowns in place to kind of feel that gap in, but the way they did it, they made those two front teeth really big to fill in the gap between, so I wasn’t really happy with the way they looked, so he told me about veneers and replacing the crowns, and they did it proportionally across all six of the upper teeth, and made each one a little bit bigger, so it didn’t make the two main front teeth look really large like they did before.

Rex's smile up close- new veneers and crownsThe end result I mean I just can’t say how much I’m satisfied. Dr. Harrell was very thorough with what would be done. The process didn’t take too long. From the moment you walk in the door the receptionist she is just so nice, greets you by name, like you are her best friend, and Dr. Harrell, he always asks me about my kids and everything. He knows I have plenty. Actually my oldest, she’s 14 now, she’ll tell her friends, “Hey, look at my dad’s teeth. Look at his smile,” and I have to, I do confess I say, “Yeah, they’re a little fake. You know, I had some work done,” but she actually brags to her friends about it, and how many teenage daughters brag to their friends about their dad in any way.

It’s worth the money. Now, not having to worry about the way my teeth look. I speak with more confidence. I feel more comfortable with myself and you know, that makes all of my relationships a little better. My school pictures all through my youth, all, that’s my smile, but now I can smile and I don’t mind showing my teeth. Ever since I’ve had the procedure done I’m just proud of smile enough. I’ll smile big, and the cashier at the grocery store the other day he said, “Your teeth are so nice,” and you know, I confess and I say, “Dr. Harrell, Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, you know, he did it.”