Kim suffered a childhood accident that left her with a visible dental issue — a broken tooth that darkened over the years. Dr. Robert L. Harrell was able to restore her beautiful smile with natural-looking porcelain dental veneers. Kim loves the result and has come back to Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne several times for additional work.

Natural-Looking Dental Veneers – Charlotte NC

I actually broke my tooth when I was about seven or eight years old. I was riding a roller coaster in Pennsylvania. So, for a long time I was very self-conscious about it. And then the tooth started to turn color, and being a female and also be in sales, I was pretty self-conscious about it.

But I’d had it for a long time, so it came to a point where I felt really comfortable so I went in and had it done and then to make it look natural Dr. Harrell couraged me to get a few more. So that way, when you smile it looks very natural instead of just two or three. I keep coming back because of the quality of what I get.

I definitely recommend him. I’ve recommended him several times. I would highly recommend him for his knowledge and the quality of work, obviously. So, I’ve been real pleased.